For those already legally married, I offer both templated and customized commitment ceremonies and work with you throughout the process to ensure that your ceremony is exactly what you’re after! Starting at $150, with optional inclusion of rehearsal participation.

The “usual” way a ceremony goes is:

  1. Processional (the parties and anyone standing with them enter and walk to the front)
  2. Opening Remarks (I welcome everyone, go through the introductory part of the ceremony, etc.)
  3. Readings (if applicable)
  4. Exchange of Vows (either the “standard” or personalized by you)
  5. Declaration of Intent (where you both say “I do!”)
  6. Other unity ceremonies (candle, handfasting, sand pouring, etc. – entirely optional)
  7. Exchange of Rings (if you elect to)
  8. Pronouncement (those official sounding words – “By the power vested in me…”)
  9. Introduction (you’re introduced to everyone as a married couple)
  10. Recessional (the parties and anyone standing with them walk to the back and exit)

That being said – this can be tailored to you!